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A new take on Drosselmeyer

by The 100 Companies
new Drosselmeyer

While the pandemic has taken a toll on the arts, it has inspired a fresh and innovative look at classic shows. UNCSA School of the Arts re-imagined its production of the Nutcracker with a 30-minute film that features new choreography, music and COVID-19 safety protocols.

The show features Anthony Santos, who also brought a new interpretation of Drosselmeyer.

“Drosselmeyer is a bit of a mad genius,” Santos added. “I get to tap into that character and ask the question, ‘Who is Drosselmeyer in 2020?’ It’s exciting to show people that he can be different.”

Watch the show online beginning Dec. 17.

Cyndee Woolley, APR, C2 Communications 

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