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New dinosaur species discovered

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Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences student Kyle Atkins-Weltman unearthed a major discovery. While studying a fossilized Anzu wyliei, Atkins-Weltman discovered a new dinosaur species.

Atkins-Weltman named it Eoneophron infernalis, or “Pharaoh’s dawn chicken from hell.” The name honors Atkins-Weltman’s late pet Pharaoh and the Anzu wyliei he was studying, which is dubbed “chicken from hell.”

“It was a very bird-like dinosaur. It had a toothless beak and relatively short tail. It’s hard to tell its diet because of the toothless beak,” said Atkins-Weltman, according to okstate.edu.

Atkins-Weltman’s find adds another chapter to our understanding of prehistoric life.

– Staff Report, The Oklahoma 100

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