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Inspiring TikTok trends

by The 100 Companies
@ginger_seansigns #duet with @Scott Berends #Duet Sound of Silence #britishsignlanguage #americansignlanguage #makaton #signersunited #soundofsilence ♬ original sound - Sam

For my daughter’s high school language requirement, she took American Sign Language (ASL). Of course, as an artist, she used music as a way to learn and practice ASL.

It has been an interesting experience for me to learn more about deaf culture and regional nuances in signing. I love how expressive interpreters can be with fewer words. The language is more direct and to the point, which I find very authentic.

On TikTok, interpreters have duetted the Sound of Silence, which has been captivating me for the past week. In this video, you’ll see the nuances of different dialects.

Cyndee Woolley, C2 Communications

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