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The elegant way to gain weight in Vienna


It was the most elegant sugar shock I ever had. We partook (heavily) from the extensive patisserie menu at Cafe Landtmann in Vienna, where the sweets came with multiple layers, piled with fresh fruit or garnished with chocolate embellishments.

Even though I had a (rented) ballgown to squeeze into that night, that didn’t stop my fork from digging into several delectable treats at this popular cafe, which dates back to 1873.

People from Sigmund Freud to Paul McCartney have lifted the delicate coffee cups here in the luxurious and sophisticated wood-paneled surroundings. Be sure to get the apple strudel.

For more things to do in Vienna, like visit Mozart’s home and learn to waltz, see “5 Things to Do in Vienna.”

– Jan Schroder, The Travel 100

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