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The Peeples’ history is our history

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The largest collection of Punta Gorda’s history was once Vernon Peeples’ personal history collection, which now resides in the Punta Gorda History Center.

Peeples’ ancestors arrived in Punta Gorda in the 1830s. Peeples was a state legislator, historian and educator.

The Vernon and Edna Jane Peeples Collection includes a library of maps going back to 1683, a copy of the first front-page issue of the Punta Gorda Herald (1893) and over 2,500 books, business documents, deeds as old as 1883 and more.

Peeples’ greatest accomplishment was spearheading the funding to have Florida SouthWestern State College build a campus in Charlotte County.

William Ward, C2 Communications

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