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National Watermelon Day shouldn’t be limited to one day

by The 100 Companies
National Watermelon Day

Aug. 3 was National Watermelon Day, however, I’m a firm believer that celebrating this refreshing summertime treat shouldn’t last just one day.

To me, watermelon is the quintessential fruit of the summer. Since it’s 92% water, it’s very satisfying in the summer heat. You can add it to smoothies, have a watermelon cocktail, like this vodka watermelon slushie, or make a salad. You can even grill it. The options are limitless.

While super simple, one of my favorite ways to consume watermelon is the no-frills way of cutting it into cubes off the rind and enjoying it right away.

– Kelsey Swithers, The OJT 100

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