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Good intentions are thwarting recycling efforts


In recycling material recovery facilities (MRFs), workers must shut down the machines to cut away plastic bags.

Last week, I visited with the League of Women Voters of Collier County to share some updates about the recycling industry and the damage that plastic bags can cause.

While people have good intentions to recycle more, they mistakenly throw in items that disrupt processing and reduce the value of good recyclables. You can help keep recycling a viable global industry by working with your fellow community members to reduce contamination and recycle more.

Trash all: plastic bags, coffee pods, clam-shell food containers, plastic utensils and polystyrene.

Recycle more: clean and dry plastic beverage bottles, jugs, cardboard and paper.

Complimentary posters, guides and videos for your business are available at RecycleOftenRecycleRight.com

Stephanie Kissinger, Waste Management

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